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Kitchen Day

34 In my quest to adapt some of the great ideas in Large Family Logistics, I have been implementing Kitchen Day whenever possible.

This week our Kitchen Day produced:

2 batches of Homemade Flour Tortillas
1 quart of cooked and diced chicken breast
1 quart of tuna salad
1 batch of brownies
2 loaves of french bread
1 batch of sweet potato baby food
3 batches of cooked ground beef for upcoming recipes
2 batches of twiced baked potatoes
Pizza dough

Our little house does not have central air, so we use window units to cool the house. The kitchen has no window unit, which makes for a hot little kitchen in the hot Texas summer! I usually avoid using the oven at all cost during the summer, but I can't completely stop. Needless to say, this was a hot one!

But the feeling of having at least half of my weekly menu partially prepared overrides that sweaty feeling. : )

I had some help in the kitchen, too. Nathn (3) is pretty much at my side all day long, so he helped and commented and tasted all the while. Claudia (14) made the twice-baked potatoes. Chloe helped with the tortillas and the baby. Nicholas (5) ate the food. Claudia and Chloe both topped the pizzas for dinner. Catie (7 months) enjoyed her sweet potatoes.

I'm looking forward to Rest Day!
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