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Guest Blogger: In the Nursery of the Nation

34 When the thought of homeschooling came to us our oldest child was four. I couldn’t fathom putting her on a school bus. I also wanted a superior education for her, and I pushed all my children to impress the homeschool critics in our path.

Addtionally, the Lord gave my husband and I a love for children and a desire to be fruitful and multiply for His glory, knowing that each child has the potential to serve Him and further His kingdom.

We didn’t always understand the eternal value of children, but once we did, the Lord gave us seven of them. And we pray that He gives us more before the years run out.

And although I am still thankful that my babies don’t ride the schoolbus, I have come to understand that homeschooling is a means to “rebuild the wall”, in response to a culture that has laid waste the Christian foundations this country was founded on. This means that while I do want my children to be well-educated, my priority is the heart of each child. My goal and desire is to prepare my large brood not to merely live in the world, but to wage war against it.


One important way I strive toward this goal is by getting the Word of God into my kids’ hearts and minds because the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Right now our family is doing a three month Bible reading program. We also work on passages to put to memory as well as the catechism and godly character training. Since these are the key areas that will further our family’s goal for our children, then I can “call it a day” if these exercises are the only things we accomplish in a day. These are the foundations on which everything else is built. These disciplines, along with investing in the personal relationships we enjoy with each individual child, are what bring us back to our primary goal of raising sharp, steady arrows (Psalm 127:4)


It’s not that we throw them away in our family, it’s that they are secondary to our pursuit of God! If our children are saturated with the Word of God first, then the learning of math, science and history will be held in the right light.


I know for many moms the thought of scheduling makes you want to go hide in the bathroom, but it’s how I personally keep organized. Every single person, including myself, has a schedule that lists chores, schoolwork and free time. Our schedule is a guide but very rarely is it followed completely.


If at all possible I combine subjects. With just a little bit of planning, many subjects can be taught to a wide age span, especially science and history. Just require less of the younger children and more of the older and you’re good J

Letting Go of High Expectations

Any perfectionist tendencies I had as a first born quietly died after baby number four. A perfectly kept home with perfect meals and perfect children just aren't reality. Choose to have joy and a relaxed atmosphere in your home rather than striving for perfection. So what if there is a science experiment growing in your commode—did you laugh today? Are you living before your children in a way that makes them want to emulate you in their adulthood?

Rolling with the Punches

Sibling squabbles, spilled juice, an emotional teen, a surprise visitor at the door, discipline issues… the interruptions are never-ending. Expecting the interruptions will make it easier when they come. I trust in the Lord’s Providence that He allows what He will into my day.

And Speaking of Interruptions

Put little guys on a schedule too. Pair them up with older siblings that rotate turns playing with them. Think of ideas on keeping them busy with good, meaningful activities. Plan a strategic snack time. Invest some time making preschool activities in a bag. I’ve written a list
here of what I do with toddlers and preschoolers while homeschooling.

Homeschooling is such a blessing we enjoy as Americans. Keep the main thing the main thing, and make every moment count for eternity.

Bambi has been married to her middle-school crush for almost 17 years now and they have seven children, ages sixteen to one year old. She blogs about motherhood, family discipleship and home schooling at

In the Nursery of the Nation

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