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Working Together

34 We have a jungle gym that was purchased used about 7 years ago. It's still going strong, but it was starting to show its age. So we decided to paint it!

After I ruled out rainbow stripes (we don't live in the circus!), we settled on blue paint for the wooden parts, and red for the plastic parts.

Everyone pitched in and had a great time.

As might be expected, the boys were just as blue as the jungle gym. We are still getting blue paint out of their hair.

Nathan (in his potty training costume) took his job very seriously. He painted and painted and painted the same board. It was nice and thick!

Everyone had a great time painting, and it only took a couple of hours with 6 people working! When it was done, the kids said it was so much more fun to play on now. : )

I like it because it accomplished several things:

The jungle gym got a facelift,

the family had fun working together,

the kids learned the value of a job well done,

and they all learned that work can be fun!




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