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Storm Damage

34 Father's Day weekend, in our little corner of Texas, a violent storm blew through causing some major damage. It appears that it was 80-100 mph straighline winds. This storm blew out of nowhere fast. We were in our living room hearing raindrops, and the the wind became so loud we wondered if we should run for the cellar.

Our yard has wonderful large shade trees in front and back, and my first thought was that one of these trees would fall on our house. I began praying for God's protection on us.

The storm was over in a matter of minutes. As we looked out the window, we saw this next door:

My husband's mother lives next door, but thankfully she was not home at the time.

This very large, very old tree was split in half, falling on the house, her car, and our extra van.

The tree ripped the breaker box right off of her house, and pulled power lines down with it. The power lines and trees were draped over both cars, so we couldn't get very close to inspect the damage.

We were able to discover that there was absolutely no damage to either car! Sadly, Grandma's house sustained damage to the roof and the inside of the house.

This happened on Saturday evening. There were similar scenes all over the county. We lost power for 24 hours. And it was 100 degrees. Whew!

We are so thankful that our home did not receive any damage, and that there were no injuries in this storm. And Grandma's house damage will be covered by her insurance.

God is good.

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