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Picking a Presidential Candidate


As you've probably already noticed, there are quite a few candidates in the running for the Republican nomiation of President. How do you decide which is the best one in a group of great conservatives?

I've come up with an easy way to sort out all of the issues discussed by the huge number of Republican Presidential Candiates. You can create a chart of your own, or download the one I've created. Click here for a sample, and here for a blank chart.

Basically, you need a list of the candiates, and a list of the issues most important to you. When you've got this, you can listen to the news, surf the internet, watch debates, and listen to interviews to find out where the candidates stand on the issues. When you've narrowed your choices, do further research into their past, such as speeches, writings, and voting records. And by all means, call their campaign headquarters with your questions.

It won't take long with this exercise to determine who your candidate is.

I suggest keeping up with this chart until it's time to vote in the Primary election. This is SO important. The Primary election determines who will run against Barack Obama.

I agree with a friend of mine who says that "our main criteria for Presidential nominee is that he or she should be a Christian." And that doesn't mean a Sunday-go-to-meeting-Christian, but a Chrisitan we will know by his fruits. You know the type. : ) You'll probably recognize them as the underdog.

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