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Makeup for the Busy Mom

34 I've noticed it's popular in some sections of blog land to share tutorials on everything, including how to style your hair and how to apply makeup correctly.

Well, I can't be left out, so I'm going to share my tutorial for applying makeup in 5 minutes or less because you 5 or more children.

1. Begin by washing off yesterday's makeup. Yep, I know you didn't do it before bed last night, but you need to start with a clean pallette. Your 3 year old is probably in the bathroom with you, trying to brush his teeth in the same sink. Your goal here is to get your face clean without getting toothpaste on your washcloth.

2. Now get to a place with good lighting. You want to make sure you cover everything! Quickly dot some concealer over your least desireable features, and then apply the foundation. I use mineral powder. It's quick. It's easy. It's forgiving. You only need about 30 seconds for this.

3. If you like blush, add a little. Color is a good thing, until you overdo it! If you were up late last night like me, and then your toddler threw up in your bed once and two more times in other parts of the house, you might be looking a little haggard this morning. A little blush helps. A lot of blush will make you look like you have a whole different profession. : )

4. Add mascara. This is especially helpful if you have blonde (or as I call them: nonexistent) eyelashes. Just a couple of coats of Great Lash by Maybeline makes all the difference. Ask your 5 year old to please not climb up your back as if it were Mount McKinley while you do this. You don't have time to clean up the mess. Your goal is SPEED!

5. Don't worry about the extras, like eyeshadow or brow pencil. You have no time! While you've been primping, the baby has pooped all over her dress, the 3 year old has dumped every single lego out on the living room floor, and now the doorbell is ringing. Well...at least you can greet your visitor in style!

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