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Hairstyles for Girls

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If you have girls, then you have hair to "do."

If your girls are not yet teenagers, they will require your services as hairstylist (unless you don't mind the wild, cavewoman look when your family sets out for church.)

If they are teenagers, you probably don't have to help them with their hair. You might want to, but step lightly. You don't want to offend. : )

So, back to the girls who actually need your help. A barrette or ponytail is okay sometimes, but when the girls want something a little more special, enlist the help of the world wide web for some creative looks. My 10-year-old, Chloe, has discovered some fun hairstyles at The Story of a Princess and Her Hair, and we've tried lots of them recently. They are much easier than they look, and look so cute. The site has video tutorials and even links to other hairstyle sites.

Chloe has very long hair, with bangs that are growing out. So we like to find styles that camoflage the bangs as they grow.

Here is one sample of a hairdo that laces ribbon into the braids. Sooooo easy, but it looks really complicated.

There are so many others, and we really don't spend much more time doing these styles in the morning.

My 14 year old is prefers to do her own hair. She does a good job of it.

My 5 month old doesn't have enough hair to sneeze at. She wears headbands for now. But Chloe is already planning the day when she can style Catie's hair. I like the fact that sisters can do sisters' hair. Chloe's been wanting a little sister for a looooooong time. : )

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