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4th of July Fun


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Independence Day is a fun holiday for us, and I always try to make it educational for the kids. American History in general is my favorite type of history. My big kids know quite a bit about Independence Day, but I still have several little ones who don't.

Here are some of the fun things we have done, or will be doing, to learn about American Independence:

School House Rock America Rock (LOVE this - our whole family loves to sing these songs). You can watch them all for free on YouTube.

Two free lapbooks and other activities

Literature Based Unit Study from Homeschool Share

A mini-patriotic unit

Johnny Tremain, book or movie

Family Fun has tons of fun recipes, games, and craft ideas for 4th of July fun

And this post would not be complete without a list of books:

The Light and the Glory
The Light and the Glory for Children
The Light and the Glory Children's Activity Book
Paul Revere's Ride
America's Godly Heritage
The Bulletproof George Washington
Our Sacred Honor

Other topics to learn:

The Star Spangled Banner
The Pledge of Allegiance
The Statue of Liberty
American Flag Etiquette

There's so much you can do with a week or two around the 4th of July. Have fun and thank God for your freedom!

You can read my other posts about American Liberty here.

My friend Tiffany at Rockin' C just shared this on Facebook, so I've added it for your viewing pleasure.

And here is a fun activity my sister and I will do for our combined 11 kiddos next week! We're going to use stars and "1776" for the designs.

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