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Sea World DOs and DON'Ts

34 We recently took a family vacation to San Antonio. Our goal was to see the Alamo, the Riverwalk, and Sea World. We also took a short drive down to the Gulf of Mexico to see the ocean. It was a week-long trip, and I have lots to share.

On our 5th day, we visited Sea World. We got to pet and feed dolphins, play in a wave pool, and see a funny performance by a sea lion and an otter. I also learned some handy tips for visiting Sea World with 5 children:

DO bring a dry change of clothing for everyone in your family.

DO make sure your camera batteries are charged before you go.

DO wear sunscreen, even if it's April.

Do NOT carry your baby and drag your toddler by the hand while climbing up and going down endless bleachers trying to find the ‘best’ seat in the Shamu performance WITH A MIGRAINE HEADACHE.

Do NOT sit as close as possible to the water tank at the Shamu performance. Unless, of course, you enjoy almost drowning in cold sea-water.

Do NOT assume that the Shamu performance is the optimum time to nurse your baby. They will be blissfully filling their little tummy under a cozy quilt when, without warning, they are deluged with cold sea-water by the hundreds of gallons. Over and over and over. Cold sea-water.

Do NOT leave your water-phobic 5 year old sitting on the end of the bleacher when the hundreds of gallons of cold sea-water come flooding your row. He will cry and scream in terror. Trust me.

Do NOT start your morning without a Dr. Pepper unless you plan to go Dr. Pepper-less all day long, because Sea World is a Pepsi-sponsored park and THEY DO NOT SELL DR. PEPPER. And no, Mr. Pibb is not okay.

Do NOT offer the kids ice cream before looking at the prices. $3 for one scoop? Seriously?

Do NOT plan your trip to Sea World on Good Friday. You'll think that going on a Friday will mean less crowds, but in reality, EVERYONE IN NORTHERN MEXIXO AND SOUTH TEXAS WILL BE THERE.

I learned a lot that day.



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