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A Place for Hair Bows

34 I saw this very cute idea for holding hair bows recently at This Present Life and knew it was exactly what we needed! It's just a used lamp and some ribbon.

There are so many options with this project. I have been on the lookout for cute lamps and small lampshades at garage sales. This lamp was a whopping $1 at our local resale shop. I had already bought the shade for another whopping twenty-five cents. I already had the ribbon on hand. Most of it was on baby shower gifts I received before Catie was born.

The lamp base is glass and was brass, but I spray-painted it with a pale pink. Very shabby-chic, don't you think?

The "shade" slides off and on so easily, that I'm storing the elastic headbands around the neck of the lamp. It's perfect for all the cute bows and flowers that Catie wears, and so fun that Chloe wanted one, too. She has lots of cute felt flowers and other fun hair clips to keep track of. Claudia, who is 14, has outgrown the hair-bow stage. *Sniff*

Click on the link above to get the full tutorial.



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