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Home School Book Fair

34 If you live in Texas, chances are you've attended the Home School Book Fair. It is always held Mother's Day weekend. I went this year with my girls. Here we are posing for a photo while all those excited people in the background are frantically buying fun stuff!

I *heart* the book fair and I was so excited to go, since I missed last year due to being pregnant and miserably sick. It's okay, because it produce my little Catie. : )

I didn't go in search of a big curriculum, but mostly for fun and some ideas for the future. However, I did make some purchases.

I bought the first book in the Kingdom Series by Chuck black, called Kindom's Dawn. I got the audio version. It's an allegory, along the lines of Narnia and Lord of the Rings. My 10 year old daughter already loves it. I found a cool write-on/wipe-off Dinosaur alphabet book (for practicing printing) for my 5 year old. Anything "dinosaur" is a winner. He loves it already! For my 3 year old, I found a couple of fun and simple dinosaur puzzles.

I looked and am considering the Picture Smart Bible for my 3 oldest kids next year. We are currently reading through the Bible together in a year (started in January) so I would implement this on our next go-around. It seems to be a fun way to really help the kids remember what they've read.

I have heard all about the Well Planned Day from my friend Tiffany, and had looked at it online, but never ordered. When I saw it in person at the book fair, I bought it. It's a great organizer/planner for the home and school combined. I also looked at the Well Guided High Schooler, which is a 4 year planner/record keeper. I decided not to purchase right then, but would you believe the owner of the company chased me down after I purchased the former and gave it to me??? So you can bet we're using it. I recommend both highly!

We also sat in on a workshop with Jim Weiss, the storyteller. Chloe got to meet him and have her picture made with him.

She also got to meet Steve Demme, from the Math-U-See DVDs, and got another photo. It made her day!

We enjoyed it so much and stayed until they made us leave. : )

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