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The Royal Wedding and Homeschool

34 Today, Prince William married his Kate, and made her the new Princess of Wales. It is fashionable to either be obsessed with the royal wedding or to hate all things associated with it.

But, as a homeschool mom/teacher, I look at it in the light of world history. It's a royal family expanding their dynasty through another marriage and hopeful future little monarchs. (I know, I know: their political power is very slim.) When any student studies world history, they must learn about an endless list of kings and queens of Great Britain. Prince Charles and his clan are a continuation of that list.

So we will watch the wedding later today (thank you, DVR), which I hope will do a couple of things for my children's studies:

A)  Give them a visual for royal marriages that we will read about in the future. Visual aids are always fun.

B)  Help tie history to modern times by connecting early British monarchs to Prince William and Princess Kate.

C)  This is not quite as educational, but for my girls, what could be more fun than a princess getting married? Am I right? : )

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