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School Week: Sonlight


This week I am devoting the entire week to how we homeschool. I've done this before, but it can change periodically with the years. Last week, my math post showed up early somehow, so you can go back here to read it.

Our homeschool is divided into two distinct groups of students: the big kids and the little kids. The big kids are my big girls: Claudia (14) and Chloe (10). The little kids are Nicholas (5), Nathan (almost 3), and Catie (12 weeks). Most schooling takes place with the big kids, and the little kids have a short amount of school each morning. The big kids are my Sonlight students right now.

We have been using Sonlight for almost a year. However, we had a long pregnancy break while I laid in bed sick as a dog, so we're not quite close to being finished. We are doing Core 4, the latter half of American History.

It is so much fun! My kids enjoy it, and I do, too. Just to show you how much fun this is, we are currently reading Caddie Woodlawn for our read-aloud time, along with a history book detailing the rise of inventions and industry during the 19th century. The girls are reading Old Yeller on their own. How fun is that?

Since I chose a Core that is in between my two girls' ages [10 and 14], Claudia reads much faster and finishes the readers much sooner. When that happens, I supplement with another book from our home library or the public library on a related topic. As you know, I'm a Louis L'amour fan, and Claudia has now become one, too. His westerns fit perfectly into this time period we're studying, so she's reading one of his books at the moment.

Each day we discuss the history and geography of this time period as we read. We have a great timeline book, complete with timeline stickers that we add for each event. Then we look at maps and the globe to see where different stories and events are taking place. The girls have printable maps that they will make notes on for states, rivers, cities, and countries.

Sonlight generally happens whenever Catie (12 weeks) is asleep. Sometimes we just sit on the couch reading, while the boys play. Other times we will set them up with a video and read on my bed. Often, this is when I hand out a mid-morning snack. When the weather's beautiful, we will sit outside and read.

We are not currently using Sonlight for our science, Bible, or Language Arts, but in the next Core we use, I do plan to implement their Bible study books and Language Arts. I haven't yet decided about science.

When we finish this Core, we will move on to Core Alternative 7, which is a one year study of World History. I have already purchased the set, and boy does it look fun! My husband even wistfully perused the books, commenting on what a great selection we have.

Along with our World History study, I ordered a set of CDs from Vision Forum, The History of the World Mega Conference (B.C. set) as an added bonus. I LOVE Vision Forum products, and I love Sonlight, so I decided to combine! I'm really looking forward to the next study.

But, since we are thoroughly enjoying our current study, I won't rush it!

If you are considering Sonlight, do me a favor and purchase through this link. It will help me to purchase more books!

Sonlight Curriculum

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