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School Week: Science

This week I am sharing how we homeschool. If you missed out, go back and see how we do Math, Language Arts, Bible, and Sonlight.

Science. Ugh. I think every homeschool mom has that one subject that they aren't too keen on, and dread teaching. For me, that is science.

So what are we using right now? Um, nothing. Now I've admitted it to all of cyberspace.

BUT, my 10 year old is in a class at our local co-op called Awesome Earth, and she is LOVING the science in that class. She tells me something fun and new that she learned each week. Last Friday, they made a volcano.

AND, my 14 year old is in a class (at said co-op) called Creation vs. Evolution, which is a great science and apologetics class.

AND, I have ordered, and am anxiously awaiting our new DVD Biology course from Answers in Genesis.

OH, and we are doing a brief unit study on OCEANS since we plan to visit the Gulf of Mexico and Sea World this spring.

SO, even though we don't currently DO science, the girls ARE learning some scientific stuff. And, I am considering doing Sonlight science when we start our next Sonlight Core.

So that's our science in a very tiny nutshell. I'm looking for more great video options. : )

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