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Elections Matter

34 In a previous post, I talked about the hobbit-like oblivion Americans live in as the rest of the world is on fire. There is so much that matters, and so little that the average American is even aware of.

Egypt, Lybia, Iran, and Tunisia are all in the middle of huge unrest. It's becoming increasingly clear that extremist Muslim groups are taking advantage of these uprisings to gain stronger footholds in the region, and eventually around the world.

And what does our President have to say? Little or nothing. He supports the protesters in Egypt. He is silent on Lybia. He was silent a year ago when Iranians protested the "unanimous election" of the dictator Mahmoud Ahmadinejad .

He has a history of attacking Tea Party-ers, and bowing to foreign communist dictators. He hosts the president of China at an elaborate state dinner. He apologizes around the world for American 'atrocities.'

When a muslim extremist shot members of the American military at Fort Hood, the liberal left urged the public not to jump to conclusions about his motives. During his trial, they downplayed the evidence that it was a terrorist act.

When a mentally deranged man shot a democratic senator along with several others in Tuscon this year, the liberal left immediately blamed right-wing conservatives. The President and his entire staff flew to Arizona for a memorial service.

Meanwhile, in Wisoconsin, the state government is seeking to limit the power of unions in public sector industry. So in response, the union employees walk off their jobs. State lawmakers (elected and paid by taxpayers) leave the state to avoid voting on the issue. Teachers are calling in sick and shutting down schools. Chaos is erupting right here in the United States.

Obama supports the unions. Because the unions support Obama and all democrats.

I hope in the next election cycle, American voters will research and know who they're voting for. Because elections have consequences.

Coming soon, I'll tell you what I think of the possible candidates for President.

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