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If Mama Ain't Happy . . .


Well, you know the rest.

Mama's attitude usually dictates the rest of the family's. It's a huge responsibility, isn't it?

I've found myself, many times, in a position where my bad attitude had an effect on the rest of the family. It could be because I'm tired, or hungry, or busy. Or maybe the kids are tired, or hungry or busy. Or all of the above.

It's bad enough for the adult in charge to be cranky, but when the crankies spread to all the little people, the day can spiral downward quickly! Then the crankies spread back to mama, and when Daddy comes home, how is he going to escape? It's a recipe for a disastrous evening!

But if Mama and kids, and even Daddy, are tired and hungry and busy, how do you stop the madness???

I've had a little practice with this kind of thing, so here's what I do:

Not only is it good for Mama to quickly dispell the crankies, but it's one of those daily lessons that your children learn by watching YOU. You will be helping them learn that a bad attitude can be cured quickly if they set their minds to it.

There are a couple of books I find very helpful for when my bad days seem to pile up:

So what do you do when you're hit with the temptation to be cranky? Please share!

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