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Catie's iPod

Sometimes babies won't sleep when they are supposed to. I bet you knew that already.

Well, even little Catie, as sweet as she is, has issues. Lately, she feels that sleeping is best done in someone's arms. Putting her in bed only results in a 5-10 minute nap.

Since she has 2 parents and 4 older siblings, this is not always a problem. But sometimes we all have things to do, or we all want to go to bed. What then?

Bring in the iPod.

You see, I unwittingly trained her to listen to audiobooks while she sleeps. I listen to them every nap and every night. It's a habit I developed as a teenager. So of course, since Catie sleeps with me, she now listens to audiobooks in bed, too.

I don't keep a music player of any kind in my bedroom, so I use my iPod and download books from Audible, bluebehemoth.com, and iTunes.

So now I've discovered that if I put the iPod next to Catie and turn on a good story, she'll sleep peacefully for an hour or two.

Problem solved!

So, what color should Catie's iPod be?

: )




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