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Random Thoughts

34 I haven't disappeared. I'm just adjusting. New baby. New year. New schedule.

Hopefully soon, I'll catch up on my blogging. In the meantime, here's what's on my mind:

Catie loves her Moby wrap (and I do, too!). It keeps her very satisfied and comfy, and I'm hands-free.

We all love the Wii and I love the Wii Fit Plus. Rythm boxing is especially therapeutic after a busy day.

I'm turning 39 this week.

If I wanted snow and arctic temperatures, I'd move up north.

I'm really enjoying Project 365 ( a photo every day ). It really helps me to focus on taking at least one good, meaningful picture each day.

My girls and I are reading through the Bible in a year together.

I need to schedule a day for crafts every week. I see lots of fun projects I'd like to try, but we seem to run out of time each day. Maybe Saturdays . . .

My new copy of Large Family Logistics is on it's way from Vision Forum. I can't wait to apply some helpful advice!

I'll be back soon to share something much more helpful, inspiring, and enjoyable soon!

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