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No, I'm not a Grandma, but thanks for checking

34 It seems that some people in this world don't understand multiple children in one family, or the fact that a lady could have a teenager and a newborn in the same house.

I learned this when I took Claudia (14) to the orthodontist this week. We also took Catie (4 weeks). All the in-between-kids stayed home. Claudia was holding Catie (as big sisters will). When the hygenist called Claudia back for her exam, Claudia handed the baby to me.

The lady sitting next to me said, "Is that your grandbaby?"

{ jaw drop }

Just because my teenage daughter was holding her, doesn't mean she's the mom!

In my best polite, I'm-sure-I-misunderstood-you voice, I said, "No, she's my daughter."

Fast forward 20 minutes to the consultation with the orthodontist. The nurse, Claudia, Catie and I are waiting in the consultation room. When 'doc' enters, he greets us all, and then, looking at Catie, asks "Is that your baby?"

{ again? }

"Yes," I reply, again with the politest smile I could muster.

Next time I'm bringing the whole gang with me so people can judge me for having too many kids, instead of assuming Claudia is a teen mom and I'm a grandma.

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