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Buy American

You've probably heard this for many years, but it is now more important than ever. Each year that passes has the United States purchasing more and more imported products, and more and more businesses outsourcing their production.

I could spend half a day researching the exact statistics, but I think most of us understand the plight of our economy. We stand to be $1.5 trillion in debt this year, with that number climbing exponentially higher in the near future. It's a position we cannot maintain. Not only is it just not feasible, it's not moral; it's not right to leave this kind of debt to our future generations. Sadly, if this continues, there may not BE future generations of Americans.

There are many things that must change to improve the U.S. economy. Calling your congressman and changing legislation is just one way, but we know that that is a process that takes time. And let's face it, many of you out there just aren't politically active. : )

One very simple thing that every single American citizen can do is to buy American-made products. This alone is becoming more difficult all the time, but it is possible and well worth the effort. Sometimes this means spending a little more. Are you willing to do it?

How many families do you know who have been affected by downsizing, outsourcing, and layoffs? How many breadwinners are in the unemployment line? This week, the number of people applying for jobless benefits rose to record heights.

Look at history and you'll see many nations who have collapsed or suffered takeovers due to financial problems. Sometimes the collapse is a direct result of the failing economy, and sometimes it is indirect. Whatever the case, the economy is extremely important.

So, how hard is it to do this? Not hard at all!

This link has a great list for starters (beware WalMart fans!).

Go here to receive a free copy of the American Made Retail e-Guide.

Made Here in America has a list of Brands/Stores and also product categories.

When you're shopping at the grocery store, turn the product package over and check the label. Often, the generic version of a product is made in America when the name brand isn't.

Many catalogs will tell where their products were made in each product listing. It's amazing how often you'll see "Imported."

Google 'products made in the U.S.A' for an endless wealth of information.

Visit a company's website for a list of their products made in the U.S.A. Send them a friendly email letting them know that you will be supporting them because they are an American company.

Send a similar email (or letter or phone call) to companies that you will no longer support.

Spread this information far and wide.

When American companies see an increase in sales, it has a ripple effect. They hire more employees. Those employees spend more money shopping, eating out, and giving to charity. It benefits us all, directly or indirectly. Tax revenues will increase naturally, without the need for tax increases, because income and spending levels will rise. This enables the local, state, and federal governments to continue the programs that are necessary (and even the programs that aren't!).

It doesn't take a master's degree in economics to understand this. Make a few changes in your shopping habits and save our nation!

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