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Baby Guessing Game

34 Since the baby is now 3 days late, we have decided to spend some of our waiting time by making guesses about the new little sister.

When I was pregnant with my first (who is now 14), it was a game we played at the baby shower. Guests were asked to guess the baby's birth date and time. The one who guessed closest to the actual date and time would be the first person to receive a call with the good news! I still have that list of names and guesses in Claudia's baby book. Since she was three weeks late, no one was very close!

So today we will get Mom, Dad, and siblings involved in a similar guessing game. Predictions to be made will include:

I'm thinking of a fun prize for the winner, like picking the next family movie or the next flavor of ice cream, or maybe being the first to pick out her first church outfit.

I'll post the results once we actually know them!

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