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Natural Newborn Care

Since all of my deliveries have been at home, I've been exposed to some simple newborn-care tricks that I've discovered not everyone knows about. So allow me to share!

Umbilical Cord

With my very first baby, I learned to apply goldenseal powder to the umbilical cord to dry it. This enables it to fall off quickly. I know many people use rubbing alcohol. I've never done anything but goldenseal, and it comes off usually within the first couple of days.

You can purchase loose goldenseal powder at a health food store. In a pinch, you can purchase goldenseal capsules and simply open them up and sprinkle the powder on the cord.
I apply the powder with each diaper change (just a little), cover it with a small piece of gauze, and then dress the baby.

The first dirty diapers

Ew! Those first days of dirty diapers can be very tricky to clean up! Until monther's milk comes in, the consistency of the poop is sticky and hard to remove from that cute little bottom. These are unpleasant diapers to change, but there is a trick to making it easy: olive oil! After baby's first bath, I apply olive oil liberally to baby's bottom before diapering. Now the bottom is simple to clean!


Apply olive oil
Wait for baby to poop
Wipe clean
Apply olive oil
Wait for baby to poop
Wipe clean
Repeat for several days!

When my sister had her last baby in a hospital, we told the nurse about the olive oil, and she was both impressed and amazed!

I purchase a simple squirt bottle for .97 cents in the kitchen section of WalMart (looks like a clear picnic-type-ketchup bottle). I fill it with olive oil and keep it near the diaper supplies.

These are just two tips that might be helpful to new moms.
You're welcome!
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