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Being an Informed Voter

Election day is next Tuesday! Are you prepared to vote?
Electing those in our government is a tremendous privilege, and is the reason the patriots fought for our independence. But for many, it can also be confusing and intimidating. After all, there are so many races; local, state, and federal. There are also many issues, not to mention the confusing campaign ads.

But we live in a great age, when information is available on any topic you desire to research, including elections. No matter what policital party you vote with, no matter what your beliefs, it's easy to find out which candidates will reflect your position.

So where do you start? Many organizations have a PAC (Political Action Committee) or at the least, a list of endorsed candidtates. These candidates will reflect the opinions and beliefs of that organization. All you need to do is check with organizations you trust and find out who they endorse.

But before you do that, it's a good idea to outline your own beliefs. Are you for or against abortion? Do you favor small government? Do you want to see more action against terrorism? These, and many more issues, have already been decided by the candidates running for election. What you need to find out is where they stand.

Here are links to some organizations that I trust, and their voting recommendations. They are generally pro-family, pro-life, conservative Christian organizations.

Focus on the Family
Family Research Council
Texas Home School Coalition
Eagle Forum
American Family Association
National Right to Life
Home School Legal Defense

Some non-partisan voter-information sites:

Project Vote Smart
On the Issues
League of Women Voters

You can even make a list of those you will be voting for, or bring your voter's guide with you to the polling place.

With all the information available, there is no reason not to go to the polls armed with the facts.
Exercise your right to vote. It's one of the greatest American privileges!


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