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FIAR: Katy No-Pocket (and a Lapbook!)

34 We recently read the Five In A Row book Katy No-Pocket, about a Kangaroo who has no pocket for her joey. In this study, we talked about kangaroos (of course!), marsupials, pockets, Austrailia, and animal families.

We have a small zoo in our town, and last Christmas I purchased an annual pass for the whole family. It just so happens there are kangaroos in this zoo, so we went to spend some time watching them during our study.

Nicholas (4) and Chloe (9) both enjoyed the trip. In typical homeschooler fashion, Nicholas picked his own outfit: his version of cowoby. Notice the gold medal. : )

We were lucky enough to be there when this joey nursed with his head in the mama's pocket!

Nicholas pretended to be a kangaroo by wearing an apron with pockets and stuffing it with animals.

Here is our lapbook, with most printables coming from Homeschool Share.
Nicholas never did finish coloring the front!

The inside of his lapbook:

This is the Animal Homes game. We made a little paper pocket to store the cards in. Pockets! Get it? : )

Nicholas learned where Austrailia is in relation to the U.S.

This is the Animal Families book. I didn't know the mama kangaroo was called a Flyer!
This is the Kangaroo mini-book:

I made a little mini-photo-album to include with our photos from the zoo.

For the photo album, I simply used one of those $1 photo books that you can pick up at the photo counter at WalMart. I cut out a few of the plastic sleeves, put the photos inside, then stapled the edges together. I then glued the back page down to the lapbook (so I didn't put a photo on the back!).
This was a fun study, and the kids still enjoy looking at the lapbook and playing the game.

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