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Timers are a Mom's Best Friend

We use a timer for lots around here.

Computer Time: My kids are allowed 30 minutes of computer time each day. We used to set the timer on the microwave, but that is just a quick beep, and half the time no one could hear it from the living room. But when a standard white kitchen timer is sitting right in the living room, everyone hears it. It helps motivate the sneakier children to honesty. : )

Clean-Up: My 4 year old does not like to pick up toys. He will drag it out as long as possible. But he does like to 'race', so we set the timer for just a few minutes and tell him to hurry before the timer dings. Works like a charm!

Schoolwork: There are times when schoolwork is dragging and we need to pick up the pace. When a timer is sitting directly in front of a child, ticking away, they will usually concentrate more on work than daydreaming.

These white kitchen timers are just $2-3 at WalMart, so we like to have a couple around at all times.
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