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Swagbucks tips for big earnings!

34 I've been enjoying all the free stuff I get from Amazon with my Swagbucks. And along the way, I've learned some great tips for earning the BIG bucks. Here are a few:

  1. Tell your friends! When your friends sign up for Swagbucks at your suggestion, they become what Swagbucks calls a "Referral." I have 18 Referrals. Everytime one of my Referrals earns Swagbucks, I earn that same amount. It adds up quickly! My dad earned 50 one day last week, and I earned it, too! Thanks, Dad! (To see how much you're earning from Referrals, go to the Swagbucks website, click on My Account, go to My Swagbucks, and then view your Ledger.)
  2. Shop through the Swagbucks website: At Swagbucks.com you'll see "Ways to Earn" at the top toolbar. One of those options is to "Shop." Click here, and you'll be amazed at all the online stores that award Swagucks for your purchases. Each purchase awards 2 Swagbucks for every $1 spent! For example: My daughter wanted to purchase a digital camera with her own money. So she gave me her money, we went to Swagbucks Shop and clicked on WalMart.com. We purchased her $30 camera, and earned 60 Swagbucks! Plus, WalMart offers free shipping to your home as part of the Swagbucks special! (Note: the Swagbucks will be credited to your account anywhere from the date of shipment to 30 days after purchase.)
  3. Peruse the search results: When you do a web search in the Swagbucks toolbar, be sure to check more than just the 1st page of search results. Sometimes you'll win the Swagbucks when you go to the 2nd or 3rd page of search results. Once, I even clicked through three pages and then went back to the first page. Then I won the swagbucks!
  4. Don't be picky about your search engine! I know some people are very loyal to their favorite search engine. That's okay! Instead of skipping the Swagbucks toolbar in favor of Google or some other search engine, just type that in the search bar. For instance, I've won Swagbucks numerous times for typing in Google Images. It's just one extra step and it really pays off!

In case you're still unsure about Swagbucks, let me assure you: It's for real! One of the best things you can earn is Amazon gift cards, good for anything Amazon sells! Anything! How could you pass that up?

So, if you haven't started earning free stuff with Swagbucks, you really should start today. Just click here:

Search & Win

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