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2 year olds

Today, my 2 year old dumped the living room trash can onto the floor, ate the Cheetos that he found there, and then put the trash can on his head.

Saturday, I took him out of the tub, dried him and put on his diaper, and then left the room to get his clothes. When I returned, about 15 seconds later, he had disappeared. I found him back in the tub (thankfully without the diaper). Somehow during those few seconds he managed to get most of the bathwater on the bathroom floor, soaking the rug and the towel that were already there, along with a roll of toilet paper. I cried. Real tears.

The day before that, he got to his brother's cereal bowl before the milk had been poured and threw each tiny piece of cereal all over the living room floor. Then, he took off his diaper and tee-tee'd on it.

Each day is a struggle to keep his clothes on. Diaper removal used to only be solved when he couldn't remove his pants. Now that he can take off ALL his clothes, I regularly find myself asking, "Why are you naked again?"

Luckily for me (and him!) he balances that with regular proclomations like "Mama, I love you" and "Mama, you're my fweety pie."

I just had to get that off my chest. And maybe someone, somewhere, has a little guy or gal like this and you need to be reminded that you're not alone. I hope I'm not alone. Am I? Hello?


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