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Simple Living: Homemade Baby Wipes


Okay, I know there are tons of recipes for baby wipes out there, but since I've been talking about babies this week, I thought this was appropriate.

I found a basic recipe here, and modified it a bit. Here's what I use:

For baby soap and lotion, I'm a sucker for the pink stuff because it smells so 'baby-fresh.' But you can use any kind you like.

I start by cutting the roll of paper towels in half with a serrated knife. This is my least favorite part, but it's not too hard. Some people use an electric knife. Then I remove the cardboard center.

Next, I fill a 2 cup measuring glass with all the other ingredients and stir until the lotion is mixed in well.

I bought some plastic containers that hold an upright half-roll of paper towels at WalMart. So I stand the towels up in the container, pull the start of towels up out of the center of the roll, and then pour the mixture over the top.

Then I pop the lid on. I did cut an X in the lid for a dispenser.

It's easy enough that if I must, I can ask my big girls to make wipes. It's CHEAP, EASY, and smells nice, too!

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