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34 My girls and I are having fun with some new craft ideas we've found. We discovered The Crafters File Box and U-Create recently, and have been loving all the ideas!

Felt food is one of the new crafts we're doing. So far we've made pancakes, bacon, fried eggs, and french fries. Claudia is in the process of making a hamburger. See some of the other fun ideas here.

We've found all kinds of fun things to do with felt, including felt flowers for the hair. Since my camera is being disagreeable, I'll have to show you our flowers in the future, but let me just say they are C-U-T-E!

I saw these bookmarks made from scrap fabric, and fell in love. We love books and we have TONS of scrap fabric. If you are on my Christmas list, you may already know what you'll be getting this year!

And look at this great idea for t-shirt design. They used onesies for babies, but this could be adapted in so many ways!

And finally, Chloe (9) has a miniature dollhouse in the works. We have all been helping her build and paint the structure. She's very excited to begin the interior decorating and furnishing. We've got some great ideas for that in store, so we'll be sure to share them as they happen.

Here's the dollhouse Chloe purchased for $18 at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon:

We're having lots of fun with these projects!

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