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Many Thanks

34 In my update post yesterday, I forgot to mention a few things; like THANK YOU to all the people who pitched in to help my family survive as I lay in bed for so many weeks.

THANK YOU to Tiffany, Liberty, and Amy for keeping my blog interesting while I was not able to do it!

THANK YOU to my many church and homeschool friends who brought meals and took my kids out of the house once in a while.

THANK YOU to all of you who prayed for a healthy mom and baby!

And a BIG THANK YOU to my wonderful husband and children for their patience and hard work as they took over my job. My husband did all the grocery shopping and child care in the evenings without help from mom. He got very little rest, even during his week off (during which we were supposed to be on vacation!), and waited on me hand and foot. Claudia (13) took over the meal prep and diaper duty, Chloe (9) was the official entertainer of the little boys, and they both did lots of extra housework.

It's hard on a family when Mom is sick for a long period, and my family is VERY glad to have me up and around again. I'm pretty happy myself!

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