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Why Socialism Isn't For Us

34 Socialism gets its start in a nation when the government begins taking care of the people. We are already racing down this path. There is nothing coming out of the Obama White House that upholds freedom. It all drips of socialism.

According to Karl Marx, the father of socialism, once a socialist society had been ushered in, the state would begin to "wither away",[25] and humanity would be in control of its own destiny for the first time. Has this ever happened? No!

Contrast that with America, where we already have the control of our destiny by having a government “of the people, by the people.”

The first Americans (farmers, businessmen, preachers) successfully fought off the most powerful empire at the time and passed on a tradition of self-sufficiency.

They passed this spirit on to their progeny, people like :

• Lewis and Clark, who opened up the west to exploration

• Texas revolutionaries, who fought the military might of Mexico and won

• Black slaves, who dared to escape to freedom through the underground railroad

• Average pioneer families who crossed impossible rivers, mountains, deserts and plains to settle the west

• Alexander Graham Bell, who invented long-distance communication

• Henry Ford, the inventor of the Model T

• The Wright Brothers, who never gave up on human flight

The list is endless, but my point is this: Socialism quickly leads to communism, and communist countries don’t produce things like the light bulb, the artificial heart, the computer, or the internet. Communist countries don’t send missionaries around the world, advance science, or send armies around the world to keep the peace.

A nation of welfare recipients will not strive to be better. They will not work harder for a little more pay. They will not work tirelessly on an invention that will better mankind. They are servants to the government, and in America, that’s just backwards.

Did you know that your kids can get braces on Medicaid? That you can get a cell phone on Medicaid? If the things that many people save up for are now government entitlements, what makes people feel the need to achieve?

When we take away the people’s desire to achieve great things, we will no longer achieve great things. We will weaken our nation and lose the ability to govern ourselves. When everything we receive is free, we lose our will to work. When we lose that, we’ve lost our freedom.

Freedom wasn’t a handout for the American colonists. It hard work, and great sacrifice.

Listen to what's going on in our country and ask yourself this: "Is what I see upholding freedom or ushering in socialism?" If the answer is socialism, do your part to stop it, because socialism leads to communism, and I can betcha that you can't name one successful communist nation.


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