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Home School Book Fair

34 It's Homeschool Convention Season! And I'm getting excited about the Homeschool Book Fair in Arlington, TX. It's the closest one to me. I missed last year, so I'm extra-ready for this one!

The program looks great this year. One of my favorite things about the Fair is that for a $5 entry fee, you get to choose from lots of speakers on various topics throughout the day. I'm really looking forward to hearing Ken Ham speak on The Bible Explains Dinosaurs. I need lots of material for my boys! I may also sit in on The Secrets of Great Spelling. I'm disappointed that Little Bear Wheeler won't be there. His programs are always so inspirational.

Since we are in our first year of Sonlight, I can't wait to visit the Sonlight exhibit just to browse the selection of upcoming programs we'll use. We're using Core 4 this year, and I'm still undecided about where we'll go next!

At lunch, I never miss the Reflections Homeschool Choir. They do such a wonderful job with their program of patriotic music and hymns that I'm usually choking on my baked potato while I listen.

I like to spend the entire day at the Fair so that I have time to walk the entire convention hall, hear my chosen speakers, sit and rest, and run through the hall one more time before I leave.

Here's what I've learned over many years of being both student and parent at these fairs:

Now that my girls are older, they like to join me for the Book Fair. Their favorite exhibits are Vision Forum, Greathall Productions, and anything with sewing, art supplies, games, and good books!

So, are YOU going to the Arlinton Book Fair?

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