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FIAR: Jessie Bear, What Will You Wear?


We have recently finished the Before Five in a Row lesson for "Jessie Bear, What Will You Wear?" It was a fun book with an easy rhyming flow. Nicholas (4) laughed out loud every day when we read it.

We spent about two weeks on this book, but didn't do it every day. The main theme was 'what to wear' and it became a fun springboard for many discussions.

Since we like to do lapbooks, we did lots of the activities from Homeschool Share. Since I can't even find the lapbook at this moment, I can't show it to you. Trust me, it was fun. : )

I'll show you some of the things we did outside the lapbook activities.
These two puzzle/activities are a big hit with my little guys. The dress-up boy was purchased at the Home School Book Fair a couple of years ago. It's magnetic. The dress-up girl bear we've had since my 9-year-old was a toddler. They were a perfect fit for this study. Nicholas and Nathan enjoyed matching outfits.

Since clothing was a major theme, this was the perfect time to implement Nicholas' new chore: putting away his laundry and his little brother's laundry. To make it easy, I made numbered flash cards and taped them to the front of the boy's dresser:

When I have the laundry folded, I will hand Nicholas a stack and tell him which drawer to put it in. For instance, Nathan's jammies go in drawer #1. He will (usually) put them there, and then report back to me for the next stack. This helps with number recognition and responsibility. He loves chores.

We also talked about how to match clothes. I gave him several fabric scraps from my quilting stash. Then I would ask him to match 2 colors, or 2 patterns, or whatever. It was interesting to see what he thought looked good together.

Judging by his outfit choices, there is still room for improvement.

He likes to accessorize. Notice the THREE neckties attached to his backward pajama shirt, matched with swim trunks, cowboy boots, and a winter hat.

Or how about the bicycle helmet and cowboy boots with jogging pants?

You may remember this one from a previous post. He was pretty close here on the Indian look. It's the pink feathers that disturbed his Daddy.

And this was his fab choice for going out in the snow. He combined parts of two of his favorite pairs of jammies with another winter hat and, again, the cowboy boots.

Look out ladies! This guy won't be available for long!

One more thing we talked about was the repeating red/white/blue/flag symbols in the book. I was proud of Nicholas when he knew what they stood for. I printed out an American Flag here for him to color. Nathan (2) also did one.

We enjoy Five In A Row for preschool. I think we'll do The Carrot Seed next.


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