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Blog Update

34 Welcome to my newly redecorated site! I'm celebrating my 1-year blog-iversary with a new look.

It started with the idea to share photos of my quilts (which I don't have time to make right now) and maybe some political thoughts. It's grown to much more, and I'm having a blast sharing my thoughts and getting to know many other bloggers. My favorite topics are still America and Homeschooling, but I have lots more to share in the upcoming year!

In case you've wondered where I came up with the name 400 Things, let me explain: On days where I was very busy and overwhelmed, I would tell my husband or kids that I had "400 more things to do today" or "400 things in my head." 400 seemed like an accurate count. I probably have 400 things to blog about, too. Just wait!




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