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American History for Kids

34 I recently had a request for a book list for teaching elementary-aged children about the true heritage of America. As you've probably noticed, this is one of my favorite topics, so I've complied a list of my favorite children's books on the subject.

My top pick is The Light and the Glory for Children : Discovering God's Plan for America from Christopher Columbus to George Washington'">The Light and the Glory for Kids. The subtitle is "Did God Really Have a Plan for America?" I highly recommend parents and older teens read the Light and the Glory, The: 1492-1793 (God's Plan for America)'">original version. This would be a good basic text (although it's not really a textbook) to start with, and then read some extra books alongside. They also have an activity book to go along with it. There are two follow-ups to this book: From Sea to Shining Sea and Sounding Forth the Trumpet. I've referred back to these books over and over again through the years.

Colonial Days is an activity book with fun games, crafts, and recipes to bring history alive for the kids.

If You Lived in Colonial Times is part of a good series that answers questions for kids about what life was like during certain time periods. I've got several of these, and I like them. Also check out If You Lived at the Time of the American Revolution.

I also recommend Johnny Tremain'>Johnny Tremain (which is also a good Johnny Tremain'>movie), The Matchlock Gun'>The Matchlock Gun, The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere [MIDNIGHT RIDE OF PAUL RE -OS]'>The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, and this version of The Boston Tea Party'>The Boston Tea Party.

Good readers or read-alouds would include many from the Sower Series, such as George Washington, Abigail Adams, and Francis Scott Key. Also, the books by the George Washington'>D'aulaires are excellent, too.

Magic Tree House has one my daughter likes: Revolutionary War On Wednesday (Magic Tree House 22, paper)'>Revolutionary War on Wednesday.

For the younger ones, Nest Family Entertainment makes fun DVDs that portray the lives of various founders. I say the younger kids will like them, but even my older kids will stop what they're doing and watch these if they're on.

And for extra fun, we've always liked Schoolhouse Rock! - America Rock [VHS]'>America Rock by School House Rock. I find myself singing "No More Kings" without even thinking about it!

Once you start browsing these books, you'll likely find more great ones to add to your collection. There is an enourmous amount of good literature on the American Revolution, and it's so important for every American to know this well.

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