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Prevent Boil-Overs


If you've ever boiled potatoes and had them boil over, and then continued cooking after the boil-over, only to have the crusty potato water permanently cooked onto your stove-top, so that you scrubbed like the dickens to get it off and finally settled for "semi-clean," then you should try this trick:

After filling your pot with water and chopped potatoes, and before turning on the burner, simply rest a wooden spoon over the top of the pot. Then, turn on the heat and boil away!

I don't know why this works (I'm not a scientist) but I heard about it years ago, and it has always worked for me. I've used electric and gas stoves, and it works for both.

Extra tip: If you should happen to ignore my advice and wonder how to scrub that crusty potato stuff off your stovetop, sprinkle the mess with a little baking soda, grab a wet sponge, and scrub away. Works like a charm, and costs almost nothing!

Oh, and you're welcome!

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