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A Man of Many Faces

34 4 year-old Nicholas is a boy with an imagination. He rarely wears real clothes around the house, because he's always in a costume.

Meet "Indian Boy"
"Race Car Driver"


When he puts on the costume, he takes his part very seriously!
I failed to get a picture of the Superman pajamas with cowboy boots yesterday. You would have liked that one!
He's been very lucky. The Indian and Spiderman suits were given to us, and the race car driver was $2 (NEW) at a thrift store around halloween.
While we don't trick-or-treat, or even celebrate halloween for that matter, we have a big storage container full of costumes,which my children play in year-round. Except for my 13-year old. I did try to get her a princess-y skirt at Goodwill recently, and she didn't get as excited as she used to.
I don't think I like them growing up!


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