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Light, Fluffy, Homemade Wheat Bread


For all of my adult years I've enjoyed baking bread, but have never found a recipe I enjoyed eating. Oh, it tasted fine, but the secret to getting a light, fluffy, normal-sized loaf of bread always eluded me. I couldn't even get it to rise above the edges of the loaf pan.

I used a bread machine for a few years, and of course, tried kneading and rising and baking it myself. But I've always had a short, stubby little loaf of bread. And while it made a nice snack, it never replaced the store bought bread we used for sandwiches.

But I've never stopped searching for the perfect recipe, and Lo And Behold: I finally found it! The secret (at least for me) was the addition of Vital Wheat Gluten. I know this won't fly for all you gluten-free folks out there, but we like our wheat, so it works for me.

Look at this beautiful loaf! It actually rose above the pan! I was so excited, I couldn't stop bragging to my family about this awesome bread!

I made a couple of healthy revisions to the recipe: Instead of oil, I used 1/2 cup of flax seed, and instead of honey, I used Agave. So it's a super-healthy loaf of bread that I will be comfortable feeding my family. I can't wait to use it for sandwiches!

If the perfect loaf of homemade bread has been just out of reach for you, I encourage you to try this one. And then fix yourself a slice slathered with real butter. You're welcome.


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