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Homeschool Basketball

I have an exciting announcement!

Our local homeschool group has both boy's and girl's basketball teams, The Red River Rattlers. In the last couple of years, they joined the Texas Christian Athletic League.

Last week, the boys (in their first year as a team) went all the way to the State Championship. They played hard, and only lost by one point!

And the girl's team, which has been around for several years now, became the first homeschool team to take the State Championship title!

For anyone who has thought about homeschooling, but were hesitant because of sports, this is great news. We had a group of girls who wanted to play basketball, they formed a team, and just started playing! After several years of hard work, they are now the State Champions.

It was especially exciting for three of the girls who are graduating this year. Imagine your last game being the championship victory!

If you want to read the whole story from the perspective of one the players, go here. Liberty is my cousin, and has been on the team since it started.


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