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Happy Birthday Nathan!

34 On Saturday my baby boy turned two! It's so fun to watch them grow up, but so sad to see how quickly time flies! He is such a sweet boy with a very laid-back personality. He also loves his Mommy very much. I know by the countless hugs and pats he gives me every day. Nathan brightens everyone's day, and has cause several of my friends to say that he makes them 'want to have just one more.' He really is a ray of sunshine!

Since he will begin potty training in the next couple of weeks, he received some Thomas the Thank Engine underwear. He seems very pleased.

He also received bubbles

a new bike

a ball

and a custom choo-choo train cake, made with love by his big sister Claudia.

This has to be the fanciest cake our household has ever seen! I think Claudia will become our resident cake-lady.
It was a fun birthday

except for the surprise Texas snow!
We had planned to take him to our local park for a ride on the train, but none of us were willing to brave the icy cold winds, rain, sleet, and snow. Dern the unpredictable Texas weather!

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