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Free Magazines


Everyone in our house enjoys getting magazines in the mail. It's a big day when a new issue arrives! But magazine subscriptions, especially the good ones, can be so expensive. We enjoy a couple of magazines that are free.

I have enjoyed Above Rubies for many years. It's biblical encouragement for mothers and wives. Many topics are covered in each issue, with lots of input from actual readers. They don't have a regular printing schedule. They release a new issue when the funds are available. That usually happens several times each year. Whenever I receive one, it seems to have something that I was needing to read just then.

Lego Club Jr. is fun for kids who love to build with Legos. It's about a 10-page color magazine, with photos of other kids' accomplishments, how-to projects, and puzzles and activities. Nicholas gets this one, and he studies it very closely. It's also given him some new ideas. Chloe also enjoys it, and she is always willing to help Nicholas figure out the instructions.

Some other magazines that we enjoy, that are paid subscriptions, are Family Fun, Bird and Bloom, Country, and National Geographic Kids.

Do you have a fun magazine subscription, either free or paid, that your family just loves? Share it in the comments below!

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