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Books We're Currently Reading . . .


Here are a few books we're working through at our house.

At lunch each day, we review a topic in The Family Book of MannersThe Family Book of Manners by Hermine Hartley. It's fun and easy, and even the little kids enjoy it. Last week we went over greeting people in different situations. Nicholas (4) was listening! At the playground over the weekend, I noticed when he introduced himself to another boy. Mom was proud!

For preschool time with Nicholas and Nathan (soon to be 2) I am using the following:

Nathan isn't really using this book, but Nicholas is doing wonderfully with it. He's reading short 3 and 4 word sentences. He is very impressed with himself when he reads the "long" words (4 letters).

This is the book my husband has had since 1970. It's very simple and straightforward, with easy questions that the little guys can answer.

We do Five in a Row in a very relaxed way. Some weeks we use it and some we don't. when we're not using it, we just pick some books off the bookshelf and enjoy them.

I am reading these:

This is about my 3rd time to read Shepherding a Child's Heart. It's full of straightforward advice for raising children.

Chloe (9) is reading:

for a class at our Enrichment Class program.

Claudia (13) is reading:

She enjoys this whole series, enough that she buys them with her own money.

And finally, we have just begun using Sonlight Curriculum, so we are reading all the books in the 5-day program. It is a lot of fun. I know, because the kids told me so!

We love to read. You can see what other books we love here, or hop over to my other blog all about Little House on the Prairie.


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