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Texting Daddy

My husband is a mailman. It's a nice job, because everyone likes the mailman. He brings you stuff, pretty much everyday. It's like a mini-surprise party, just waiting to happen!

So he loves his job. Except when it's really cold.

But, he works long hours, and he doesn't have a desk or office phone. So it's hard to communicate with him during the day.

So how do I keep him updated on family happenings while he's on his route?


If you read the most recent post on my Prairie Sense blog, you'll realize this is a total one-eighty. But, hey! Technology has it's place!
I had this idea one day when I texted hubby a picture of Nicholas' first visit to the dentist. He was so happy to get that simple photo. He said he feels like he misses out on so many of the everyday little happenings, and that one just made his day.
I also texted him a smiling, Vanna White-ish photo of me in front of our newly delivered washing machine. His reply: "Nice."
So now I have been try to take camera-phone photos of little things here and there and send them immediately to my husband. It makes him feel a little more connected, even on those long days.
Texting with Daddy works for me!
Note to Blogger: Please add 'texting' to your spell-check dictionary. You are SO 2006.



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