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Swagbucks is celebrating their birthday today, and they have increased the amount of swagbucks earned!

This is too easy. If you haven't signed up for Swagbucks yet, click this link:

Search & Win

and get started! Then, download the toolbar and start (or continue) doing what you already do: surfin' the net!

I use my Swagbucks search bar constantly, and I earn Bucks all day long. They have many prizes you can earn, but my favorite is Amazon.com gift cards.

Sign up and then tell your friends, because when they join with you, you'll earn bucks when THEY surf!

It works! At this very minute, I have enough to get about $25 in Amazon gift cards. Woohoo! This will shorten my List-O-Books.

So don't wait. Start earning free stuff today!

Search & Win


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