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Kool-Aid Playdough

34 You have to search far and wide to find a toy that's simpler and promotes more creativity than playdough. And if your kids are like mine, your playdough dries out and the colors get mixed together until they resemble purple milk, you probably end up throwing a lot away. And if you're like me, you think "I'm not paying another $6 for more teeny little tubs of that stuff!"

Enter the homemade version. But it's not like all homemade playdough. It's made with Kool-Aid, so it smells yummy and looks grrreeaat! And one recipe makes about three times the normal amount you'd buy in the store.

We made it this last weekend. It was just the thing we needed on a cold, dreary Saturday. Here's how.
Assemble the following ingredients:

Mix all dry ingredients together in the saucepan. Add water and oil and cook over medium heat. Stir constantly.
Continue stirring until mixture forms a clump in the pan. Remove from heat.

Knead dough on a flat surface until smooth. Careful: it's kinda warm!

Holler at the kids, 'cause it's ready to play! This cool blue color was Berry Blast or something like that. You know, blue Kool-Aid.

This one is Pink Lemonade.

The kids LOVED it!
Nicholas decided it would make great dinosaur food, too.

When the kids are tired of it, store it in a plastic zipper bag and put it in the fridge.
The nice thing is, the ingredients are all from your kitchen. So, while it won't taste good if they eat it (like my toddler did), it won't hurt anyone!
Apparently Kool-Aid has many uses, like pies and potty training. Who knew?


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