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Five In A Row: Corduroy

We recently completed the Before Five in a Row study of Corduroy. I did this with Nicholas (4) and Nathan (22 months). Five in a Row is designed to be used every day for one week. We are a little more laid back, so it took us 2 weeks to complete, doing it every other day or so.

My photos aren't in any certain order, so I'll just share as I go.

Corduroy has buttons as one of it's themes, so I got out this set of large plastic buttons for lacing. I've had them for years, but they worked perfectly. Nicholas really loved this. He wanted to do it every day.

Nathan very patiently worked on a button, too.

We have about 4 different Corduroy board books, and they are Nathan's FAVORITE books. I got them free at a homeschool swap many years before he was born. Score!

I also let Nathan have an empty egg carton and a tub of buttons for sorting.

I like to do lapbooks to reinforce the lessons learned. Most of the items came from Homeschool Share.

Did I mention it's all FREE?

I covered the outside with scrapbook paper.

Saving money is another theme of Corduroy. This was perfect, as Nicholas is earning nickels for picking up toys. (Get it? Nickels for Nicholas. Say it out loud.) He is saving up enough to purchase a Hot Wheels Car. I put some real coins on the copier glass and made these little coins. He glued them inside the piggy bank cutout, along with a photo of a Hot Wheels car.

Friendship was another theme of the book. Here is his Bible Memory verse.

Back to the buttons. This was a pattern activity. He had to repeat the button patterns. He liked it so much, we did it twice in the lapbook.

We also did action words.

Nicholas colored this picture from Homeschool Share. He's not much into coloring. It doesn't hold his attention for long.

Lapbooks are fun because Nicholas can show Daddy and Grandma what he learned. It helps him with recall. Nicholas likes the glue. : )


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