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Family Field Trip: Ardmore, Oklahoma

34 My husband recently had the idea to take the family to the southern Oklahoma town of Ardmore, so I, being the good homeschool mom that I am, turned it into an educational outing!

I think a day trip to almost any town can be turned into a mini-vacation. Even small towns hold many possibilities for recreation and education.

So, here's what we did:

Our first stop was at our local zoo for the daily giraffe feeding:

For $1 per person, each child was given lettuce leaves to hand-feed the giraffes.

Look at the tongues on these guys!

There were two male giraffes, and we were the only people at the feeding.

Then, we headed off to Ardmore. Our first stop was LUNCH at a little downtown Mexican restaurant, called Casa Romo Cocina Mexicana. Three of my children enjoyed the french fries and ketchup very much!

Claudia knew how to enjoy Mexican, though. She enjoyed a delicious sopapilla for dessert!

Now that our tummies were full, we headed out for some education. We first passed this old steam locomotive. This was an unplanned stop, but sometimes those are the best kind!

This large engine dwarfed my family! Look at those wheels!

The next stop was also unplanned. We were driving past the small municipal airport when my husband noticed this medical helicopter sitting outside its hanger. There was a man standing near it, so my husband hopped out and asked if the kids could look inside.

Yes! Chloe and Nicholas both climbed in.

One of the paramedics (pictured on left) told us all about his job, showed us the inside and explained the functions of many things inside the helicopter.

After some of our lunch wore off, we stopped at a little place downtown called Old Time Soda Pop Shop. They served fun ice cream treats at a 50's style diner.
Chloe had a banana split WAY too big for her. Nicholas gladly helped her finish.

Claudia ordered the Big Bad Hot Fudge Sundae. It was HUGE. She shared with Nathan.

I had a Dr. Pepper float. I did not share with anyone.

They had a real old-timey jukebox, so my husband showed the kids and explained how it worked.

Our last stop was the Greater Southwest Historical Museum. It was a great museum!

Chloe enjoyed looking at this large, furnished miniature dollhouse. She is currently building her own.

Nicholas enjoyed the weapons display in the Military wing of the museum. No shots were fired in the course of the field trip.

This wing was awesome! They had displays of uniforms from all the branches of service at many times throughout history. There was also a whole room dedicated to memorabilia from each war in U.S. History.

This cabin was INSIDE the museum and furnished. We enjoyed walking through it to see the different rooms. It was an actual cabin moved from its original site in the county.

This log cabin was outside the museum building. It was the first building in Ardmore, built in the late 1800's. It was relocated to this site.
Oklahoma has an interesting history. It was once part of the wide open prairie, and has a large Indian population. It was also known as Indian Territory. The Oklahoma Land Rush is a very exciting story.
And that was our fun and educational trip to Ardmore, OK. Chloe said, "This is the best day ever!" And all the kids agreed that we should do that again soon.
Next time your family is having cabin fever or just needs a change of scenery, I urge you to pick a town within driving distance from your house, look them up online, and find all the fun things you can do there. You will have fun, and probably learn something new, too!


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