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Everything I Need to Know I Learned from American Idol

34 Not Really. If you've ever visited my blog, you know better.

The following video clip features conservative Fox News host Bill O'Reilley interviewing liberal TV host John Stewart. The main thing that jumped out at me (that Bill O'Reilley didn't really address) is the ironic fear that liberals have.

They are more afraid of Global Warming than they are of terrorists.

What's worse: 99% of celebrities feel this way. And as Hollywood goes, so the rest of the country goes. We are a nation of people who spend the majority of their time working and seeking pleasure. That pleasure is largely found in Hollywood entertainment ( music, movies, TV ). Who doesn't trust their favorite reality star to tell them the truth? Surely someone as handsome as Brad Pitt knows his stuff, right? ( Bleh! )

So where's the common sense? Where are the thinkers? Does anyone stop and say, "That makes no sense at all!"? Rarely.

So, if you scan any media outlet in a 24-hour period, you'll get the idea that Global Warming is a threat to our very lives, while some crazy dictator in Iran is spewing a bunch of nonsense that doesn't affect us anyway. And Cuba has the best culture in the world, the rich are evil, and Americans have done the entire world a disservice just be existing for the last 200+ years.

I've harped on the need for self-education, but can you see the monumental task of educating the masses? How can it be done? How do you convince millions of people to even want to think for themselves?

This is one I don't have the answer to. If you've got one, I'm all ears.



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