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Refried Beans


Our family's favorite food is Tex-Mex. We eat it in some form at least 2 times a week. It's also our favorite restaurant and fast food.

That means refried beans are a staple at our house. It's one of the main sources of protein for my kids, since almost all of them don't like meat.

I finally decided, after making pot after pot of pinto beans in my slowcooker, that those bad boys are the main ingredient in the cans of refried beans I'm always buying. So why not cook up a batch myself?

I just winged it, but they turned out great, so now I do it regularly. Today I made a double batch of beans for dinner, and refried all the extras. Here's how simple it is:

When it's all heated through and mixed up well, you're done!

I had enough beans left over tonight that I made three containers to put in the freezer. Now I have something my family loves, and I can pronounce all the ingredients!

That's simple!


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