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Just ONE Man


The following was written by my good friend, Dainah, and it was what I wanted to share today, so I lifted it. She doesn't mind!

We have wondered, at our North Texas area TEA parties, how we can make a difference in the national political scene. After all, our US representatives and senators are doing a good job in Washington, representing our view. And mid-term elections still are months and
months away – plenty of time for the current administration and its allies to wreck havoc in D.C.

But in Massachusetts, home of our Pilgrim forefathers, a battle is raging right now that could change the entire political direction of America. One election – and one man – could be the key to breaking the democrats’ 60-vote deadlock on the US Senate.

At issue is a special election ON TUESDAY, JANUARY 19, to fill the senate seat left vacant by Edward Kennedy’s death.

Who would ever have thought that the democrats might lose the senate seat held forever by a Kennedy? Yet as of this morning, Republican candidate Scott Brown was leading the polls by 3 to 4 points.

This is especially impressive considering the opposition. Bill Clinton has campaigned for the democrats’ candidate. Kennedy’s widow has done television spots. President obama campaigned in Massachusetts today, attempting to rescue the election and preserve
his health care bill.

We were contacted a few days ago by the Republican Party, seeking money for the Brown campaign. At the time, we declined. But now, after researching the candidate and realizing the implications of this race, we have reconsidered.

A review of Mr. Brown’s web site reveals the following bio:

1. Mr. Brown is a lieutenant colonel in the Massachusetts National
Guard (JAG), where he has served for nearly three decades.

2. He was awarded the Army Commendation for meritorious service in
homeland security following the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

3. Currently a state senator, he has served Massachusetts as a state
representative and in local offices.

4. Mr. Brown has articulated the following “core beliefs”:
• Government is too big and the federal stimulus bill made government
bigger instead of creating jobs.
• Taxes are too high and are going higher if Congress continues with
its out-of-control spending.
• The historic amount of debt we are passing on to our children and
grandchildren is immoral.
• Power concentrated in the hands of one political party, as it is
here in Massachusetts, leads to bad government and poor decisions.
• A strong military and vigorous homeland defense will protect our
interests and security around the world and at home.
• All Americans deserve health care, but we shouldn't have to create
a new government insurance program to provide it.

Mr. Brown, married and the father of two daughters, came under assault this weekend, accused by his frantic opposition of voting against medical care for Massachusetts victims of rape. In fact, his vote was for a bill allowing doctors of conscience to opt out of administering the “morning after” pill. For this, he is being slandered in a lethal last-minute media blitz.

Time is short. If we’re going to help, we have mere hours to do so. But we are excited by the opportunity to support Mr. Brown’s campaign. If he wins, we will be part of the victory. If he loses, we will know we did our part to help our nation.

Our contribution will not be huge. But if every patriot contributed $5 or $10 or $20, the Brown campaign might have the funds to counter the most recent lies.

Please research this candidate, and go where your heart leads you. And above all, pray.



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